Lemmy Turns 66: Get Your Kicks With A Collection Of Great Pics

Tomorrow, on Christmas Eve, Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister turns 66 years old. Is it a coincidence that Lemmy was born the day before we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ? If Lemmy is in fact God, it gives us all a chance to reflect on the father before we indulge in the story of the Son. Also, Motorhead merch makes a good gift for anyone. Last year I received a Motorhead shot glass from my brother on Christmas Eve, and promptly filled it with tears of joy.

Rocks Off has always been pro-Lemmy and pro-Motorhead, almost to stubborn ends. There was our collection of great Lemmy pop culture moments, our favorite videos, the numerous show reviews, and the constant dropping of the Lemmy name whenever we felt comfortable, like on this summer's Dwight Yoakam live review, which seemed to confound or delight some of his biggest fans.

We found some great Lemmy pictures for you to cherish with your family and friends this holiday season, as you sit around the Christmas tree. Rest assured, Rocks Off and his brother Jake are somewhere on the south side of town eating Motorhead cupcakes and watching Lemmy for fifth time of the day by the time you read this.

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