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Leon's Lounge Needs Some Soul. Brett "Dirty Honey" Koshkin Has The Platters.

Leon's Lounge, the venerable Midtown throwback dive, is currently closed for renovations as new owner Pete Mitchell (Under the Volcano) gives it a good scrubbing, but it should be back open before too much longer. Maybe as soon as next month. Earlier this week, Rocks Off heard some equally good news. Instead of a jukebox like at the Volcano - which is reportedly about to be updated for the first time since Lucinda Williams' Little Honey and Hayes Carll's Trouble In Mind were new albums - Mitchell is in the process of accumulating an LP library for the bar so that when Leon's reopens, the music will be vinyl only.

We also heard that it would be all vintage '50s, '60s and '70s soul and R&B, but since have been corrected that Mitchell's bar will spin all kinds of music. Nevertheless, no lounge should be without as much product from Stax/Volt, Motown, King, Chess and Duke/Peacock - to name just a few labels - as it can get its hands on.

Rocks Off hit up Houston's resident expert on the subject, our buddy, onetime co-author and Dirty Honey DJ Brett Koshkin, earlier this afternoon for his suggestions on which LPs Mitchell should add to the Leon's library. Take it away, Brett...

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