Let Sig's Lagoon Help You With Your Holiday Shopping Needs - Even Music

Nothing says "holiday spirit" more than "...alleged child predator who was shot dead."

Rocks Off has a special place in our heart for Sig's Lagoon - we do live upstairs from "Midtown's Only Record Store" - so we were pleasantly surprised to see Sig's owner Tomas Escalante post the above video on his Facebook page this morning. Escalante appeared on Fox 26's morning news Monday, touting the store's collection of bacon-strip Band Aids, tiki mugs and bobble-head dolls as last-minute holiday gift ideas. Rocks Off cracked up when Escalante told the interviewer, "Actually, we're also a record store," and eventually he did show a few of Sig's musical wares - a Kashmere Stage Band LP and The Umbrella Man's brand-new self-titled CD (the release party is tonight at the Continental, and the band will also be on KPFT today at 11 a.m.). The segment must have run long, because he didn't get a chance to mention that Uncle Charlie poster you can see on the counter there. Music: the most unusual holiday gift idea of all. Sig's is located at 3710 Main next to the Continental Club and Tacos a Go-Go. See more information at www.sigslagoon.com, and be sure to ask for the "jean shorts" discount when you go.

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