Screwston, Texas

Let's All Take a Second And Enjoy One of the Most Compelling Local Rap Songs of the Year

"I don't feel that I'm the best in Houston, but if you tried to argue it I bet you could prove it."

--Kyle Hubbard, "It's Burning"

Here's the thing that Kyle Hubbard knows and that a few others around him know but that nobody that's not actively involved in his life not even those involved in the Houston underground rap scene could possibly really know: He is being overlooked.

I suppose that's a common narrative for a lot of underground artists, particularly those who regularly breathe in a city that has cultivated a healthy roster of deadly rap assassins over the last two years. But there's a caveat here, and even worse, a devastating multiplier.

The caveat: Beyond being just overlooked, he's not even being looked over. He has been, at times, simply disregarded.

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Shea Serrano