Sparky Parker and others are ready to chase our blues away, Houston
Sparky Parker and others are ready to chase our blues away, Houston
Photos by Jesse Sendejas Jr.

It's No Sin to Get Out and Enjoy Live Music Post-Harvey

Hey, Houston. How are you? You may think it's way too soon, but wouldn't mind seeing your bewitching smile before long. You can get gussied up, let your hair down, put the chores and plans on hold for just a few hours, maybe. We can dial up Uber to avoid driving in the ludicrous traffic and have dinner at an incredible restaurant we haven't been to lately. We could share cold beverages at a favored bar and then attend a show, listen to live music and dance like nobody's watching, even though the whole world has been for the last couple of weeks.

Let's go out this weekend, Houston.

Yes, it may seem early. You might even feel a bit guilty attempting a good time after all the misery left behind by Harvey, that literal homewrecker. That's understandable and something to be respected. But, if you're ready to feel carefree again, even for a little while, Houston's music community is ready to help you get your groove back.

There's a lot of work to do still. Sheet rock, floor tiles, roofs and maybe even a sense of safety that once comforted you and your neighbors still need replacing. The artists on stages in local venues know what you're feeling. Some experienced the same. Most will have eloquent and expressive ways to deliver some hope to us all through song. If you follow this music community even a little, you know how hard its creatives have worked over the last two weeks to help people affected by these recent hardships. Let's go out this weekend and thank them for their efforts, if you're up to it. They could use some support, too.

The Velostacks will be at Rockefeller's Saturday,...where will you be?
The Velostacks will be at Rockefeller's Saturday,...where will you be?
Photo by Jesse Sendejas Jr.

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  • Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019 / 6:30pm @ House Of Blues - Houston 1204 Caroline St Houston TX 77002
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  • Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019 / 6:30pm @ Scout Bar - Houston 18307 South Egret Bay Boulevard Houston TX 77058
    18307 South Egret Bay Boulevard, Houston TX 77058

  • Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019 / 7:00pm @ Jones Hall for the Performing Arts 615 Louisiana St Houston TX 77208
    615 Louisiana St, Houston TX 77208

Maybe you'd feel more comfortable if our date night didn't entirely ignore the tempest and its aftermath. There are scads of benefit shows to attend, from tonight's show at The MATCH to Saturday's We Are Houston benefit at Warehouse Live to Sunday's Canned Acoustica Unplugged Concert at Discovery Green. If you agree with the comics at The Secret Group, we could attend Saturday night's We Need a Laugh benefit show. If you wanna mosh and thrash and release all that pent-up frustration and energy, let's catch Downtown Boys and Giant Kitty at Walter's or The Velostacks and company at Rockefeller's or get radical with Free Radicals and friends at AvantGarden this weekend. And, if you really need to own your misery, we could take in the Houston Blues Challenge at Continental Club Sunday afternoon, where the experts can teach us what it means to have the blues.

Whatever we do, let's go out there and do it together, the way we've been doing it lately for all to see. We need each other, not only to work hard side by side, but to play hard together, too. We'd never suggest live music as a background matter, but we need to be together somewhere where there's no muck or mire, someplace where we can socialize and feel normal again. If those places involved live music before the storm, then let's return to them together this weekend.

These recent, unprecedented events have given us many new questions to ponder, including this one: is it more difficult wading through hurricane floodwaters or plunging back into the things we enjoy in their wake? The only way to tell is to dip a toe in and test the climate. If it feels right, there's plenty being offered this weekend and beyond by Houston musicians, a microcosm of this city that loves its residents so. They too want to see your bewitching smile return.

Let's go out this weekend, Houston.

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