Levi Weaver: King of the House Concert, Coming to a Home Near You

When people fantasize about being a musician, they tend to think about living the high life -- travelling from city to city in a jet, playing sold-out shows in front of thousands of screaming fans, and having access to the finest things. But no matter how nice the dream sounds, we rationally know that this isn't the reality for most musicians.

While life for the average touring group isn't all G6s and endless alcohol, it's still a pretty sweet gig. If you're talented or lucky enough to get a record deal, you probably at least have a semi-reliable vehicle and a road crew to help set up your equipment.

Now imagine that touring meant spending hours alone behind the wheel driving from city to city playing in people's living rooms. Imagine spending 200 days a year away from your family and friends and with nothing but the radio to keep you company. And then imagine that on top of that you get to visit Texas in the summer in a car with a broken air conditioner.

Levi Weaver doesn't have to imagine that. He's living it.

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