Like Buddy Rich When We Fly Off The Handle

The joke goes like this...

A drummer dies and goes to Heaven. When he gets up to St. Peter at the pearly gates, far off in the distance he hears this incredible drumming, truly spectacular drumming.

"Is that Buddy Rich?" he asks the angel.

"No," says St. Peter rolling his eyes. "That's God. He only thinks he's Buddy Rich."

Today would've been Buddy's 93rd birthday. Rich was known for two things: a) Being one of, if not the, greatest and most influential drummers of all time; and b) Being a megalomaniac!

Rich was notorious for his short fuse and acidic rants directed at members of his band when he felt that their performances had been subpar.

He often threatened to fire people, though rarely did so in practice. Most accounts bill him as a friendly helpful, man, albeit one who had a problem with losing his temper.

Pianist Lee Musiker started secretly recording Rich ranting on the tour bus in the 1980s, and bootlegs of them have floated all over. Some of Rich's more interesting tantrum quotes ended up verbatim in Seinfeld episodes.

So in honor of Rich's birthday, Rocks Off presents one of his tantrums. Next time you think you have it tough at work, listen to this:

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