Lil B Vs. The Game: Who's More Wack?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday or thereabouts, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Bun B, OG Ron C, ADD, Kyle Hubbard, KAB, D-Risha, Mac, C-Stone, Fat Tony, Young Sensation, Medicine Girl, Kritikal and more

Not Invited: Lil B; The Game

This Week's Prompt: The most pressing, pertinent current rap beef: The Game said that Lil B is the wackest rapper alive, and Lil B responded by saying that Game is irrelevant. Who is closer to being correct?

Kyle Hubbard: They are both pretty much spot-on. But I have to say that Lil B's wackness outweighs Game's irrelevance. Lil B is, hands down, the wackest dude to ever reach such great heights. He has zero redeeming qualities. No voice, lyrics, rhyme patterns or delivery. From a technical standpoint, he is an absolute disaster. But I'd rather have to hang out with him over Game's crybaby ass. My distaste for Game has more to do with his annual Jay[-Z] disses and 100-plus Dre name-drops per song than his actual music.

KAB: They're both correct, but Lil B is the wackest nigga, dead or alive.

D-Risha: Lil B is more correct. Say what you want about him, but Lil B is very good at creating an interest. The Game nowadays, not so much.

Brad Gilmore: Game. His reasoning was justifiable; he said the only Lil B song he heard was on Sorry 4 The Wait. I would think that Lil B would be the wackest rapper too if that's all I heard. Game is just as relevant as Lil B. [laughs]

Mac: [laughs] I think there is truth to both sides. I've heard wacker than Lil B and Game just became relevant again with his recent mixtapes.

C-Stone: Both their own personal opinions. Somewhere somebody thinks Lil B goes hard and that Game is relevant. Feel me?

Young Sensation: They're both right. Game starts wack ass beefs and no one cares, that's why he is irrelevant. And Lil B is wack as hell, but he got fans.

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ADD: Let me just start by saying Lil B is tighter than most of the rappers that say he's wack. They just don't understand originality and great energy. And, well, the Game is the Game. My debut album, The Aspiring Me: Lane Seven, dropping November.

Bun B: Neither.

Medicine Girl: I don't know who Lil B is, so that's just the wackest rapper beef alive right there. And Game is as relevant as they come.

Fat Tony: Who is the Game?

Kritikal: I think the Game is a joke, as well as Lil B.

OG Ron C: I'ma have to roll with Based God on this. The young win. Out with the old, in with the new, and Lil B is the new.

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