Lil’ Flip Mourns Comrade Pimp C

Just like he did with April’s Virginia Tech shootings, Houston’s Lil’ Flip has posted a current-event song on his MySpace page before the ink on the newspaper headlines is even dry. This time, of course, it’s the unexpected death of his friend and fellow Houston rapper Pimp C, whose body was found yesterday morning in a Hollywood hotel room.

Flip, now referring to himself as “Flip Gates,” runs down a brief Pimp biography (“He had a pocket full of stones, he was a well-known hustler”), and reminisces about his own experiences with the UGK rapper: “Thanks for coming out to the ‘Flyboy’ video shoot”; “I want to thank you for that verse on ‘You’s a Trick.’” Flip’s eulogy is terse and to the point: “Just like my potna Trae, my homie Pimp was the truth.”

Details of Pimp C’s death are continuing to emerge. The Los Angeles Times reported this morning that the L.A. county coroner found no signs of trauma or evidence of drug paraphernalia at the scene. Several Pimp C tribute pages have sprung up online, including here.

No information on a funeral or memorial for Pimp C has been released, but Houstoned Rocks will post it as soon as we learn something. – Chris Gray

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