Lil Wayne, Live In Living Color

After all the hype and air-guitar awards-show appearances, Lil Wayne's much-anticipated debut as a full-on rock performer, "Prom Queen," has finally leaked. This will be above-the-fold news on whatever content-aggregator supplies your RSS fix, but only because for the music business right now is about as slow as things get. And really, "Prom Queen" isn't all that different from Weezy's normal milieu - it seems to be mostly about the preferred unmentionables of some corsage-sporting hottie who won't give him any play, and there's loads of Auto-Tune.

Listen for yourself here, and stick around to read a few of the decidedly split comments. Rocks Off gives it about a 6 (maybe), and would just like to add a few words. Vernon Reid. Bad Brains. George Clinton (Funkadelic, not Parliament). Sly Stone. Props to Wayne for bringing gnashy guitars into the hip-hop conversation, but let's not forget who taught him how. 

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