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Listen, Listen: What Is Ben Godfrey Up to Now?

Houston folk-rockers listenlisten have been pumping out some of the best local records in Houston since the release of their self-titled 2007 EP. We here at Rocks Off are big fans, not just because they're from Houston, but because they bring a solid new angle to the indie-folk scene, a combination of murderous Nick Cave-esque dirge balladry with all the antiquity and fragility of the Mountain Goats.

Thursday night, front man Ben Godfrey will be playing with his solo project B.E. Godfrey at Mango's. We decided to reach out to him for an update on the status of listenlisten and his solo band in anticipation of the show.

On the listenlisten front, we probably shouldn't be expecting much, at least not anytime soon. When asked where the band stood now, Godfrey replied, "listenlisten continues to exist as a collective effort among the members involved. Lately, this hasn't been something resulting in any live performances -- but that doesn't necessarily mean it's impossible."

So in the interim, Godfrey is busying himself playing solo. For him, this is a very different way to stretch out his creative legs. "The only similarity with listenlisten is that I sing for both, but I think my delivery is very different on this material than it has been for most listenlisten songs," Godrey says.

He went on to elaborate that, "they are different experiences for innumerable reasons -- one important reason that it's just a different point in time. Sometimes a difference in time changes everything. Every moment is almost an entirely new reality or unique existence."

But even Godfrey's solo band is growing and changing as time goes by. If you've seen him perform live in his solo capacity before, you might have seen him playing with "only a guitar or keyboard."

Instead, Thursday night will represent a much larger B.E. Godfrey band. When asked what to expect from it, he replied, "lately I've had a growing cast of players joining in to fill out the sound. Thursday should actually be B.E. Godfrey at its largest with violin, electric guitar, bass, drums and keys."

Whatever the future for his main band, it seems Godfrey is getting along just fine building a new one. So far the band has only released two singles on their Website, but Godfrey promised more will be coming over the next few months, including an EP being mixed right now and set for a possible spring or summer 2013 release.

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B.E. Godfrey performs with Beach Bones, Nick Greer, and Kevin Taylor Kendrick, 9 p.m. Thursday at Mango's, 403 Westheimer.

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