Listen Up!

Listen Up! The Clay Aiken Interview

The day Clay-mates all across Texas have waited for is finally here - Clay Aiken is in Houston, in concert, tonight. Performing with our own world-class Houston Symphony, Aiken will be taking his pop songs and giving them the full orchestral treatment.

Make the jump for a look at our art contest winner and to listen to our Clay Aiken podcast.

Shelia Hancock

Two things about Aiken's visit to Houston make is special: One, we held an art contest to go along with the concert. The "winner", Shelia Hancock, didn't exactly "win" anything. We had a pair of tickets to tonight's concert and we donated them to the Sunshine Kids on her behalf, so Shelia got zip - except the warm feeling in her heart from knowing a Sunshine Kid will be at tonight's show. (If you want to take a look at all the art that was submitted, click here.)

Two, we have, right here, a podcast interview with Clay himself! That's right, your humble servant (me) actually got to talk to Clay by phone and it's all recorded for you to hear. The interview is about 15 minutes long and Clay gives us an inside scoop on tonight's performance.

To listen to part one, click the "Part ONE" button below, then come back to this page and click the "Part TWO" button for the big finish. Enjoy! -- Olivia Flores Alvarez

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Olivia Flores Alvarez