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listenlisten Burns Down The House In New Video

Locals listenlisten released a new video for "I Will Forget," off last year's sophomore LP, dog, this past weekend. The clip is another collaboration between the band and director Bryan Forrester, who last directed the video for "On the Water" in late 2009.

The story line of the four-minute "I Will Forget," formulated by the listenlisten's own brassman Shane Patrick, shows a man collecting copious amounts of firewood in his house over the course of a day before donning a crisp suit and burning the place down, or at least we are led to believe so. Actor Gray Speaks goes about his business with cold resolve as he does his days work.

listenlisten's most recent full-band show, last month at The Mink, featured sIngs, Two Star Symphony, and John "Little Red" Trower's thrilling knife-throwing act. We were very high on the show, and had this to say about the album:

dog, continues the track of their last, Hymns From Rhodesia, but with more grime and grit. There is something that feels like home in the music of listenlisten for us. Maybe we live in a different time in our head from whence listenlisten comes. The jury is still out on that.

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Craig Hlavaty
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