Listology: Angry Anderson And Hell City Kings' Other Favorite Front Men

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Tonight the Hell City Kings invade the indie confines of Mango's to celebrate the release of their new seven-inch Wolf EP, with Austin's White Rhino and locals Shit City High and the Wrong Ones in tow. It's going to be one of those shows where the doors open at 8 p.m. and the venue runs out of Lone Star and Wild Turkey by 8:15. Easily one of the city's most fun and hardest-partying bands, the HCK have every reason to get down tonight. This is their first release with their new lead singer Josh Wolf. Rocks Off readers may know Wolf from The Homopolice, The Energy, Secret Prostitutes, and most every other Houston band that blows wind up our skirts. He's a wonderful fit with the HCK, and brings an energy to the band that can't be quantified, but it is palpable. We asked the Kings to rattle off some of their favorite front men of all time. Little surprise that we saw some of the same names on our own lists from He Said She Said. Which either means we should be in HCK or dudes with tattoo sleeves all think alike. We think the latter is the ticket. We can't even master a kazoo. Lemmy Kilmister Christian: "All the booze and drugs he has ingested has only made him sound better. Everyone knows 'Ace of Spades' but if you listen to a song like 'No Class,' you hear a true classic from a guy just entering his prime. Some of you might recognize a certain ZZ Top riff in that song also." GG Allin


"His first album is so fucking good. You can't just judge this guy on all the shit and piss. The guy could sing and write a catchy fuckin' song. Check out

Always Was, Is, and Always Shall Be

and you will see exactly what I'm talking about. Plus the shit and piss stuff rules."

Eric Burdon (Animals, War)

"Out of all the British Invasion bands that claimed American R&B as their calling card, only Eric Burden sounded like a true ghetto livin' black man. Though he started going downhill when his ego got the best of him when he changed the name of the Animals to Eric Burdon & The Animals, he could still sing like a motherfucker."

Bon Scott

"A fucking god. Could drink, smoke, get the boys and girls into a sweaty ball of excitement and then turn into one of the gang in an hours set. Who the fuck else could pull that off? Nobody, and I miss him every day."

Angry Anderson (Rose Tattoo)

"If you've never heard or seen Rose Tattoo then maybe you should give up on living. A little mother with a big fucking voice. That scream is a tribal call for all of us true belivers. A 'Rock N Roll Outlaw' for sure."

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