Listology: Before They Split Town, GTRS Pick Their Favorite Make-Out Songs

Houston loses another band after this weekend, as Pavementesque indie-shoegazers GTRS relocates to the more touring-friendly enviorns of Asheville, N.C., where they plan to open a recording studio. Sigh. We're sure they'll come back to visit, and on tour, so let's just say so long and not goodbye. Besides, you've got one more chance to see GTRS as Houstonians, Saturday night at Big Star Bar with A.P. Dugas & the Religion, Sew What and DJ No Fun. In between packing their stuff, the members of GTRS were kind enough to divulge their favorite make-out songs as a parting gift. Smooches. Download two songs from GTRS' upcoming split with Australia's Spider Vomit here. JD & Stacey Joan of Arc, "Let's Wrestle: "'Cause Stacey and I used to make out to it all the time." Spider Vomit, "Tail Points to Hell": "'Cause when you're making out, blood is the only smell." Valient Thorr, "No Holds Barred": "'Cause all things go while making out." Peaches, "Fuck the Pain Away": "'Cause that's what it's all about."


Sonic Youth, "Shadow of a Doubt": "Pretty much the perfect make-out song."

Black Sabbath, "Changes": Even Ozzy likes to make out, I suppose."


Pleasure Forever, "Goodnight" "It's WAAAAAAAAAAY humpy."

The Black Keys, "Set You Free": "You can get your filthy grind on."

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