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Listology: Dirty Honey DJ Brett Koshkin's Overseas Discoveries

For the past month, local soul DJ (and former Houston Press music listings editor) Brett Koshkin has been traveling the world in search of adventure and vinyl and he found plenty of both. Through India, Amsterdam, and France he scoured for records and experienced exotic things that most people can only dream of doing.

Tomorrow night he returns to his monthly Dirty Honey gig over at Boondocks with special guest DJ Ceeplus Bad Knives. It's an R&B dance party, reaching back to James Brown, Archie Bell and some obscure jams that leave us stunned. Check out his MySpace profile for some exclusive mixes. It's a great Sunday-morning starter set.

We talked to Koshkin this week about Indian road rage, Bollywood soundtracks, and the grant he received from Andy Warhol Foundation to document Houston's soul music past. It's a project you will be hearing more about from Rocks Off in the near future for sure. He also had the time to dish out some of his favorite vintage soul tracks to us.

Rocks Off: Tell me more about India. We followed you on Facebook the entire time, by the way.

Brett Koshkin: Well, the only thing I come even close to enjoying as much as music is traveling. If I've never been there, odds are I want to go there and experience other people's way of life, their food, their culture and naturally, buy all their records and bring them back home. India had been high on my list for years and knowing it's just not an easy trip to make, it took a while to find a good excuse and a way to pull it off but I finally managed it.

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