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Listology: Gold Sounds' Top 5 Seismic Love Songs for Valentine's Day

This weekend, starting tonight with a gig at Walter's On Washington and tomorrow afternoon's 3 p.m. in-store set Cactus Music, Houston's Gold Sounds begins properly unfurling long-gestating LP, Seismic Love. It's fitting that the album gets it's proper debut over Valentine's weekend, seeing that it will make you fall in love all over again with the band and their new, crunchy, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-drenched indie growling.

The band spent most of last year doing normal-people stuff like starting families and whatnot, but they also found time to fine-tune this new 11-song set. So far we are pretty high on Seismic tracks "Champagne" and "All Love Songs Get Old." Don't miss the sprawling blues of "Parfum," which sounds like pure Let It Bleed-era Stones. It's some good stuff, and you definitely shouldn't let this one fall by the wayside in 2010.

We asked the trio - bassist and vocalist Sean Donnelly, guitarist Chris Fuentes and drummer Dee Donnelly - to come up with their five favorite love songs of all time ahead of the Hallmark-created holiday. They came up with some goodies. Props on the Berlin, boys...

"Unchained Melody," The Righteous Brothers

"Super obvious choice I know but it's obvious for a reason...it's so good. Forget about Ghost, this song is just the most epic, orgasmic pop song I have ever heard. When the drums and strings kick in that's when the slow dancing really picks up." - Chris

"Take My Breath Away," Berlin

"Yes, it's the love theme from the movie Top Gun... but, in my opinion, it still delivers. This song actually sounds just as dreamy as its title suggests, with an intimate set of lyrics that pretty much paint the portrait of ''love'' for the entire decade of the 80's." - Sean

"Stand By Me," Ben E. King

"This song, to me, conveys one of the most important virtues of love in a catchy chorus that you never forget. I chose this song to play during the first dance with my wife at our wedding. The Lennon version is great as well." - Dee

"Stand By Your Man," Tammy Wynette

"Short and sweet. My favorite country love song of all time. Sang from a sort of submissive, or loyal perspective of a woman to her man makes this song stand out among love songs." - Sean

"Stand Inside Your Love," The Smashing Pumpkins

"One of my favorite bands of all time. This song came out kind of late in their career but feels like a classic 90's love song. The lyrics are somewhat dark, romantic, and slightly obsessive. Most people don't really get Billy Corgan's voice but in this song you can really hear the yearning in there." - Chris

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