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Listology: Hell City Kings' Bill Fool's Chicago Childhood Playlist

Welcome to another in our series of local musicians filling out random lists from the book Music Listography: Your Life In (Play)Lists. Today, Hell City Kings lead guitarist Bill Fool remembers his musical formative years in the Windy City.

Budgie, "Breaking All The House Rules": My dad was a drug dealer back in the 70's and 80's, and if I heard the opening riff to this song I knew it was "No school for me tomorrow."

Frank Zappa, "Joe's Garage": Zappa was the norm in my house. At the age of 6, I got a kick out the line "Why does it hurt when I pee?". Now that I'm older and play in garage bands, I can totally relate to this record.

MC5, "Kick Out the Jams": I'm from Chicago, so it's pretty normal to have a hippy father who was at the MC5 show when the cops attacked during the '68 Democratic National Convention. He would always tell me how by the stage was a big piece of concrete that he threw at a cop when the riot started.

Cheap Trick: I was very lucky having a family that was really into music and going to live shows. So in 1980, they were playing Chicagofest and my old man took me to see some of the bands. Cheap Trick really changed my life when I saw [Rick Nielsen's] six-neck guitar.

Chicago Bears, "Super Bowl Shuffle": When the Bears won the Super Bowl, my dad played that fucking song every hour for a fucking week. Every time I hear that piece of shit song I want to fucking kill someone.

AC/DC: Growing up there was a station in Chitown that really changed the game for real rock and roll. Every morning, getting ready for school, we would have the Loop on with this great DJ named Steve Dahl. He would play AC/DC way before they broke big. Going to school listening to him was really fun.

But the day Bon Scott died I rememember Steve crying on the radio. I put on a suit to go to school that day - 2nd grade, so you know - and when I got there all my friends asked why I was dressed up. I told them Bon had died and of course not a single kid knew what the fuck I was talking about. I fucking love AC/DC.

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