Listology: Honky-Tonk Man Mike Stinson Chooses His Favorite Drinking Songs

Honky-tonk man and recent Houston transplant Mike Stinson knows a thing or two about a bottle. Lonesome Onry and Mean asked him to list his all-time favorite drinking songs, many of which you will no doubt hear this evening at Under the Volcano.

"So many classic drinking songs, I could put together a box set in a hurry," Stinson says, "but here are a few of my faves."

1. Webb Pierce, "There Stands The Glass"

"The first song I sang at my very first show. So grateful that no tape exists of that performance, but my love for this song has never diminished. A few simple lines saying it all. Makes life a little more tolerable."

2. Cindy Walker, "Bubbles In My Beer"

"One for the ages. I've heard versions by Bob Wills, George Jones and Willie Nelson and they're all home runs. "The dreams that I made now are empty, as empty as the bubbles in my beer." Yeah."

3. George Jones, "Just One More"

"The word 'plaintive' comes to mind. When George Jones sings, I believe him. Oddly enough, this song would also make the list of best songs to dive off a tall building to."

4. Merle Haggard, "Misery and Gin"

"Majestic. Soul-stirring. Deep. Merle didn't write this song but he owns it. The combination of music, lyrics and voice on this one is as good as it gets for me. I like the guy who accepts responsibility for the rough spot he's in a lot more than the guy who's always singing 'she screwed me over.'"

5. Willie Nelson, "I Gotta Get Drunk"

"I've had this feeling many times. Already dreading the hangover but obligated to go to this show/party/dinner/whatever where I know damn well I'm going to get drunk and there ain't a damn thing anyone including myself can do about it. Damn."

6. Johnny Paycheck, "Barstool Mountain"

"Moment of silence with hats off please - and by the mighty Moe Bandy. Paycheck's life was a classic drinking song. I really wish he was still here. Just thinking about him makes me laugh and cry at the same time. 'I climb up on Barstool Mountain, high above your world where there's no pain.' The title alone could put this song on the list."

7. Dwight Yoakam, "Two Doors Down"

"If you've ever crawled home, this song is for you. Once it took me four hours to crawl 10 blocks. I got home as the sun was coming up. My heaves on the walkway out front woke up the hot chick who had just moved into the apartment next door. Needless to say, I never got anywhere with her."

8. Jim Ed Brown, "Pop A Top"

"Complete with the sound of beers cracking open on the recording, if this song won't make you thirsty I can't help you. 'Did you ever hear of a clown with teardrops streaming down his face?' Ouch....Get that man a drink....Put it on my tab....and I'll take another while you're at it."

8 p.m. tonight at Under the Volcano, 2349 Bissonnet, 713-526-5282 or

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William Michael Smith