Listology: Runaway Sun Choose Their Favorite Album Covers

On today's Listology hot seat are up-and-coming local blues-rockers Runaway Sun, whose CD release party for debut full-length The Bridge is Saturday night at the Continental Club with Clory Martin. Perhaps wisely, the quartet chose to list their favorite album covers instead of "List Bands You Do Not Like" or "List the Saddest Songs in the World." Brian del Castillo (bass) I'm gonna go with Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley. It's a great and legendary cover that helped the King explode onto the scene. It's still exciting to see and it was done in '56. The best part - the picture is from a live show. No planned photo session. It's rock, it's blues, it's country, but it's explosive, exciting and new. Marshall West (drums) "In keeping with just the albums I have, Dark Side of the Moon has to be the top; the image is perfectly aligned with the music. Plus in high school I heard the album at the museum's laser light show and damn if it wasn't amazing." Daniel de Luna (lead guitar) "Rolling Stones, Let it Bleed. I like the cake." Warning: Next image is a little NSFW. Andrew Karnavas (vocals, guitar) "Jimi [Hendrix]'s Electric Ladyland. Who else could put a bunch of naked ladies holding a portrait of himself on an album cover? The title is so great too. Electric Ladyland. The Band Runaway Sun, The Bridge LP: "A big thank you to our friend Paul Galland for designing a great cover. He took individual photographs of keyboard keys for the band name and ran a steel strip through a label-maker and scanned it for the album title. For texture, added wood grain from a photographed board and the opening line from The Bridge in Andrew's handwriting."

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