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Listology: Something Fierce's Favorite Unsung Garage-Punk Bands, Including the Wipers

It's quite possible that Something Fierce is the last visible punk band of its kind standing in Houston at the moment. Sunday night at the Mink, the trio flexes their collective garage-punk muscle at the release party for their new seven-inch on Houston's own Action Town Records, "Where You Goin' Man." The B-side is a cover of the Party Owls' "Spray Coat."

Last year, the band embarked on a large national tour, which saw them hitting up a myriad of far-flung spots in the country and getting signed to influential garage label Dirtnap in the process of supporting December 2008's stellar There Are No Answers LP. That album saw Something Fierce stretching its legs, while capturing the fun and intensity of the group's live shows. That's no easy feat for any band these days. Also, be sure to look up their "Live From Sugar Hill" session with The King Khan & BBQ Show, recorded this past November.

The band is currently working on its first Dirtnap LP and playing shows in the interim. Rocks Off asked the band to list some of their favorite unsung garage-punk bands and why. Their list included labelmates The Marked Men and The Returnables, and also marks the Rocks Off debut of the legendary Wipers. Sit back and turn the volume up on your computer speakers until the guy in the next cubicle screams for mercy.

The Marked Men

"They have the hooks, the songwriting and the energy. I can't say enough about how instrumental their mix of pop punk, garage punk and indie rock was in creating a new generation of bands."

The Returnables

"They would have been our sister band. The Returnables played sharp punk-pop with bright guitars and leads heavily influenced by The Undertones."

The Wipers

"Fuck yeah, The Wipers, man." [Ed. Note: We couldn't have said it better ourselves.]

Boston Chinks

"I think they only released one EP and a split, but these few releases were explosive and showed more potential than almost any band that's ever shown potential. They actually went on to join and quit Jay Reatard's band."

The Fuses

"This band didn't even break the underground. They have an LP entitled Eastern Cities that is an excellent mix of indie and punk rock. It would have been the standard should they have remained."

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