Listology: Toxic Noise DJ Bakka's Top Bone-Crushing Jams

Every third Wednesday at Boondocks, the space upstairs turns into the most fabulous place in Houston for rockers, punks and metalheads when DJ Bakka revs the turntables for his popular "Toxic Noise" DJ sets. It's like going to visit a high-school bully's bedroom in 1987. If you still miss Shanley and Mr. Castillo's Thursday-night Camaro sets at Boons (which have moved across the street to Etro Lounge and grown considerably heavier on the synths) or just wish that they played more Slayer, then Toxic Noise is definitely for you.

Since this past spring, Bakka (aka Christian Larson of Hell City Kings) has been brutalizing Wednesday nights with his Toxic nights. "I had a few records hanging out at the house and figured Houston could use a dj night that wasn't a dance night," Bakka told Rocks Off in an e-mail. "So I picked some of my favorite albums and decided to mix a few genres together and have at it."

Though he always has a prime jam ready to spin he adds that "I am very open to communicating with the crowd and playing whatever is fitting to change the vibe or to otherwise get the night really going. The booze is always cheap as fuck, so the night continues to thrive and grow."

We asked Bakka what a few of his favorite songs got his sweaty, leathered minions hype on Wednesday nights, and the list we got back was nothing if not exceptional.

Cauldron, "Chains Around Heaven"

"These guys are new but the song is amazing. It's always stuck in my head: 'I said chains!'"

Dethklok, "Awaken"

"Any song about lake trolls is good in my book, it's just too bad it almost destroyed Finland."

White Zombie, "Black Sunshine"

"This makes me want to drive fast in a black car."

Accept, "Balls to The Wall"

"My balls are always to the wall."

Mastodon, "March of the Fire Ants"

"I got out of metal for a while but when I heard this song it pulled me back in. It has a great riff and the bridge is epic."

Slayer, "Raining Blood"

"'Cause it's fucking Slayer."

Judas Priest, "Turbo Lover"

"It's dark and has an awesome "fists in the air" sing-along chorus. I am still waiting for the Homopolice to cover it."

Black Sabbath, "Black Sabbath"

"I saw them play this at Woodlands, and when the songs speeds up the wind started blowing followed by thunder and lighting. Ozzy truly has a pact with the Devil."

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Craig Hlavaty
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