Listology: War Master's Dream Metal Festival

This weekend, Houston becomes the grindcore and death-metal capitol of the country for two days with Houston Noisefest 2009, starting tonight at the Atomic Café and concluding tomorrow night at the White Swan. Bands from California, Ohio and as far as Washington State are heading down here to round out the line-ups on both nights.

One band on the bill Saturday night that we have taken a liking to is Houston metal supergroup War Master, which boasts present and former members of Nibiru, Dissent and Blaspherian. The band plays a punishing and grinding strain of death metal that we seriously can't get out of our heads. We have no doubt played "Chapel Of The Apocalypse" a good 16 times since we first heard it last month. The band currently has a tape for sale at Sound Exchange and is putting the finishing touches on a 7-inch slated for release early next year.

We asked lead singer War Master lead singer Daniel Shaw what bands he would pick for his own dream metal festival line-up, and not only did he give us some beautiful picks, he also gave us an excuse to lock ourselves in our house one weekend (just not this one) with a crate full of death metal and case of Miller High Life.

Napalm Death

Morbid Angel







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Craig Hlavaty
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