Lita Ford & Five Other '80s Hard-Rock Hotties

Best known for her stint all-girl proto-punkers The Runaways and her bitchin' solo career, Lita Ford will take the stage tonight at Warehouse Live with locals Souls of Agony, Five Eyes Wide and Hounds of Jezebel as opening support. The blonde bombshell was one of the most visible women in hard rock in the '80s. Right about now you should be humming "Kiss Me Deadly," at your desk.

With her Runaways mates Joan Jett, Sandy West and Cherie Curie, Ford helped bring punk rock to the masses, acting as the first taste of a whole genre to come. The band broke up in late 1979 due to a breakdown within the group and with producer Kim Fowley. Ford and the other Runaways went their separate ways and started solo careers, with varying results.

Ford was one of the biggest sex symbols in rock during the '80s, and wasn't just a pretty blonde face. She could actually rock, and her 1988 album Lita yielded "Kiss Me Deadly" and "Close My Eyes Forever" as singles. The latter was a duet with Ozzy Osbourne, whose wife Sharon was managing Ford at the time.

Ford was married in 1994 and took a step back from the music business, which was already shifting as grunge and rap left little room for traditional heavy music. She reemerged with 2009's Wicked Wonderland, and has been on the road regularly since.

Now... on to why we all came here, the hard-rock babes of the '80s, who weren't just poster fodder for hairy metal boys and men. Repeat: These are not punk, pop or indie bands from the '80s, so pipe down. Yes, we agree that Belinda Carlisle is definitely schwing-tastic, no arguments there.

Babes In Toyland
(formed in 1987)


Joan Jett

Pat Benatar


Cassandra from Wayne's World (1992) counts, because she probably started playing guitar in the '80s and she's hot. Why you wanna break my heart?

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