Little Joe: Cautious Optimism

Just got an email from Reg Burns, Little Joe's off-and-on manager, which I will excerpt here:

"Just got back from Ben Taub ICU... The nurse finally came and told us it was OK to see him. I told her he was a famous musician and she said that he has been telling her that."

"I let her know that I knew she wasn't able to give us any particular information about his condition, but I told her he had a gig in about 2.5 weeks at the iFest and asked if she thought he'd be able to play. She then asked when he was playing because she wanted to go see him (her way of letting me know she was pretty sure he'd be OK). She then said he was being moved to a regular things are looking good, without knowing any particulars.

FYI, he is being moved to floor 5D room 61. He's much perkier than he was last night." -- John Nova Lomax


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