Live: More Notes From the HPMA Awards Ceremony

More notes from the awards, in full swing:

The Mighty Org just won best guitarist. Practice those cards, presenters.

Fat Tony's acceptance speech for Underground Hip-Hop: "Third time for Third Ward." Tony says he's meeting with a label Monday -- he didn't say which one -- and may have his album RABDARGAB ready for release by late fall or early next year.

Zydeco Dots' Tom Potter, before the show: "It's about time for us to lose, isn't it?" They didn't. After tearing us a new one last year, all he said onstage was "I thought after last year we wouldn't be invited back." They were.

If anyone took Adream Asleep's trophy by mistake, please return it. They miss it. They were late onstage to accept Best Hardcore/Noise because they were trying to get their "TITS" shirts in proper order, Ryan Gerth says. "We were just mixed up."

Geoffrey Muller had no speech for Best Miscellaneous Instrument: "I didn't want to waste people's time." Someone from Two Star Symphony had unsnapped his shirt to the waist when we ran into him. It was back to the collar when he accepted Best Roots-Rock/Americana for Sideshow Tramps: "Thank you."

The Manichean's singer Cory Sinclair called the ceremony so far "Quite a spectacle." If you saw their showcase at Walter's, you know that's high praise indeed. The band begins recording its first full-length at Pozohondo Studios in Round Top in October.

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