Bob Israel
Lindsey Buckingham

Live Shots: Lindsey Buckingham

Showcasing his new solo album

Under the Skin

, Lindsey Buckingham also gave an appreciative crowd its mandatory shot of mainline

Fleetwood Mac

hits at

Verizon Wireless Theater

last night. A consummate showman, brilliant singer-songwriter, and virtuoso guitarist and arranger, Buckingham opened with a

numbing three song acoustic guitar display

before being joined by a flexible three-piece ensemble that rocked flawlessly through Mac classics like

"Go Your Own Way"

and a half dozen other tracks from





While Buckingham sang ironically about being called "a visionary," his sure-handed versions left little doubt that he was the driving creative force behind much of Fleetwood Mac's success. Seeing him deliver the songs his way without the Entertainment Tonight baggage of his former band interfering, Buckingham truly seemed to be the guy who appears in his latest solo album, someone fully mature, comfortable in his work and in himself, completely on top of his game.-- William Michael Smith Lindsey Buckingham appeared Friday, January 26, at the Verizon Wireless Theater, 520 Texas Ave., 713-230-1600.

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