Photo by Chris Knight/Provided by The Faint

Live Shots: The Faint

It was a night meant for shakin' your groove thang; too bad there was no room.

The Faint

played to a packed

Warehouse Live

last night delivering a nice collection of their most danceable numbers from all over its catalogue. However, the overstuffed quarters made it near impossible to walk around, let alone dance without spilling someone's drink. If a pocket of space opened on the main floor, it was soon filled with those that couldn't resist the

infectious dance tunes

of the



It was hard to ignore The Faint's shameless borrowing of Depeche Mode and New Order's style, but it got a little easier when the speakers are blaring songs like "Worked up So Sexual" and "Take Me to the Hospital." Tunes like those made spilling beer on the meanest looking girl in the place or accidentally grinding with some strange stalker dude a little less traumatic.

The Faint closed out the night with a two song encore leaving audiences screaming for more and looking for another venue where they could get their dance on. - Dusti Rhodes

Were you at The Faint concert last night? Tell us what you thought about the show in our comment section below. Thanks!

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