Living on the Edge: 10 More Onstage Oopsies

Rock stars are just like the rest of us. They eat, love, poop, age, and sometimes they just embarrassingly go ass over tea kettle.


When Gravity Attacks: 13 Memorable Onstage Stumbles

The difference between them and us, besides, you know, money, fame, security, and the like, is that when we do it the exposure is limited to whoever saw us at the moment. In the Age of YouTube, though, every unfortunate onstage mishap is immortalized for mass consumption.

Yes, it's juvenile, but today we're going to offer our ten favorite falls by famous rock stars. Take comfort, though, ever single person who fell ended up more or less fine. That's why it's a comedy and not a tragedy.

10. Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)

I'm not sure exactly what move Bruce Dickinson was going for at Download Fest 2007 during "Wrathchild," but the one he gets is falling over backwards. For just a second, he looks like he's seriously contemplating just singing the rest of the song lying down behind the monitors.

9. Shane MacGowan

Sometimes an artist doesn't so much fall off the stage as the stage gives up on them like a shifty asshole. Shane McGowan was doing a set in his favorite bar when he just drops out of sight like it's a magic trick. The best part is how his backing band refuses to notice, even when McGowan tries to get their attention by making his microphone feedback.

8. Bono

Walking backwards is usually a bad idea in even the best of circumstance, but on stage you're really just asking for it. Bono proved that in Miami with spectacular results.

7. Marc Bolan (T. Rex)

For a while Marc Bolan of T-Rex had his own TV show, which meant he was intimately familiar with the stage so there's really no excuse. Of all the falls we're presenting, his is more of a stumble, but can any pain beat the soul crushing agony of having David Bowie laughing at you on live TV?

6. Musiq Soulchild

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Musiq Soulchild was having a great time dancing around and doing some call and response with the Madison Square Garden crowd last year when he misjudged the edge during "Anything." The diminutive singer had to get help regaining the stage, but was just fine, tweeting as normal after the show to fans.

5. Adam Ant

There is no artist I'm happier about having returned to active performing than Adam Ant. In a just world, he would be one of the most famous musicians ever, but personal demons have hampered the man all his life. Still, he looks good back onstage, if somewhat rusty. Nonetheless, watch him get right back into the swing of things after this fall... and you kids better appreciate the man!

4. Axl Rose

Here's a blast from the past, Axl Rose just blindly walking off a Los Angeles stage in 1989 during "Out to Get Me." He seriously just steps off into space without a pause, but look at the man he used to be. Even a few years later the show would've stopped while he went to the dressing room for six hours to consult with an astrologist whether the performance should continue. Here? He picks himself up and keeps going.

3. Lady Gaga

When Gaga was here in Houston last year, she sang "You and I" from atop a flaming piano, but when she attempted to dismount she ended up tumbling down on her back in a way that any wrestler would've been proud to have accomplished. Plus, check her out, she doesn't even miss a note!

2. Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)

Steven Tyler went out on the catwalk to do a little dancing at an Aerosmith concert in South Dakota in 2009 to entertain the crowd during a sound failure, but Tyler's attempt to give the audience a show went quickly awry. He ended up spinning off the side of the stage, no joke for a 61-year-old man, and had to be airlifted to the hospital to care for minor head and neck injuries.

1. P!nk

Pink's Funhouse tour in 2010 was maybe just a bit too ambitious a set up for a non-acrobat. What was supposed to be her dangling from a harness ended up with a trip to the hospital after she tumbled to the floor in Nuremberg, Germany.

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