Lluther: Inside The Mystery Of The Extra "L"

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It's a well-known fact that most band names are essentially gobbledygook, but here at Rocks Off we're trying hard to find meaning in the oddest monikers.

Rock is dead, but every once in a while Rocks Off likes to diddle the corpse. The subject of our latest necrophilia is an alternative-rock band out of Dublin called Lluther, who is coming to stay here in America and rock tits to absolute dust. We've become wildly addicted to the title track of their new album Rise of the Reptile King, and think that the band could be a real shot in the arm to the touring rock scene.

They're loud, they're evil and, most importantly, they sound as opposite of American Idol as is possible. Welcome to the land of the free, boys. You can pick up your deep-fried Snickers and a set of Truck Nutz after you check in.

Fond as we are of our new Irish friends and their wailing rock wackadoo, what the hell is up with that name? Lluther?

You're probably aware that your humble narrator was forced to amputate an "F" in order to save our family from Jigsaw, so the flaunting of extra letters is something we're taking as a personal insult. If Lluther's music didn't kick so much ass, we'd be hiding outside their window with a jar of Vicks in one hand and seven sharp pencils in the other.

Since our probation prohibits that, we contented ourselves by jumping into their tour band from the back of a motorcycle and demanding to know where the hell the name came from.

"I really need to come up with a much more rock and roll answer to that question, but the truth is a little more matter of fact," says guitarist and vocalist Gerry Owens. "I was in a band called Skindive before Lluther and I remember very clearly when one morning it suddenly became clear to me that I needed to finish Skindive and start a new band.

"The name Lluther came into my head and that was that. There was no thinking involved, it was one of those instant clarity moments. I go by instinct or gut feeling most of the time, so I just went with it!

Just as we thought, another moniker with absolutely nothing deeper behind it. Rocks Off was admittedly disappointed, hoping the name had some kind of hidden force behind it. Having just seen the name emblazoned across the top of a Facebook page, it behooved us to question what extra one does with an extra "L."

"Well," says Owens. "If one happens to be in Wales it would sound a lot different because of the double 'L.' In Whales, 'Ll' is pronounced 'ch' - which would sound something like chuther."

Color us nonplussed.

One more thing was bothering us as we prepared to leap from the back of Lluther's tour van. Word processors mock our single "F" name with the red squiggly line of fail whenever we type it. It's like technology itself is making fun of us. Perhaps just once we could find some kind of kindred spirit.

How much does it hurt you when spellcheck keeps telling you that you spelled the name wrong?

"Don't know what you mean," Owens says. "My computer can spell Lluther perfectly."



Lluther (n): 1. Hymn to the Reptile King. 2. Chuther in Welsh. 3. Good rock.

Lluther plays with Mercy! and Lockhart tonight at Groundhall.

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