Local 7-Inch of the Week: NO TALK's "Confusion"

Beau Beasley's Homopolice project is pure deviant slithery noise id, that part of Freud's psychic apparatus that deals in instant gratification, in this case leathersexual. NO TALK, Beasley's more direct punk-rock band, trafficks in ego, human cataclysm and the sort of nihilism that is distinctly male, while still understanding the (more often than not, shitty) reality of the world. The "Confusion"/"Outside World" 7-inch is NO TALK's fourth single since the trio's inception in early 2008. One thing that always drew Rocks Off to this band was their directness and honesty, and these two songs exhibit both and so much more. And drummer Josh, guitarist Tom and Beasley actually know how to make misery and struggle engaging, and god forbid, even "hooky." NO TALK reminds Rocks Off immensely of the band Fear, with both preaching on a scorched earth platform. After all, Fear leader Lee Ving was the patron saint of enraged urban decay and was a staunch member of the Church of Not Giving A Shit. "Confusion" and "Outside World" subscribe to both, with the gravel-voiced Beasley howling like the bastard son of the Mentor's El Duce. Sure, the world as a whole has gone shit house, but that's nothing compared to the wars we fight inside our own heads every day. Try finding a cure for that.

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