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Local Musicians Choose Their Favorite Super Powers

It wasn't that long ago that a few brave filmmakers realized that it was in fact possible to make a superhero movie that didn't suck IQ points from an audience and might even, surprise surprise, be somewhat faithful to their comic-book origin. Heath Ledger winning a posthumous Best Supporting Actor Oscar for playing The Joker in The Dark Knight certainly didn't hurt the genre's credibility, nor did the fact that the film made like $1.21 gigadollars.

So, Hollywood being Holly-is-a-gonna, we're slated to see a nice selection of superhero flicks this summer like Green Lantern and Thor.

Rocks Off tends to call our local musicians "hometown heroes," because if we were a Batman villain we would be the Alliterator! (Trust us, he's fought lamer.) Even though the moniker is just a phrase born from our own psychotic compulsion, it did make us wonder what we would end up with if some of our favorite local rockers were gifted with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

Before we go any further, Rocks Off bets you, true believers, that at least one of these involves invisibility and a girls' locker room.

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