Local Punk Compilation Bullshit Vol. 1 Available as Free Download

According to Mike from Agro-Wax Records, some of Houston's favorite punk-rock noun adjuncts of 2011 will be on a compilation record at the start of the new year. The first installment of the compilation has been sent to be mastered and pressed.

The compilation is called Bullshit Vol. 1 and will be released on January 15 through the punk label, Agro-Wax Records. AWR has made it available for free download from their website, along with previous releases from the past year.

The 7" record has a limited run of 200 and features songs from White Crime, Crime Wave, Noguey, Secret Prostitutes, and Guilt Party. Check for the download link after the jump.

Agro-Wax makes all records available for free downloads under only one condition...that you don't steal any wax. "I dont give a fuck who downloads our records... just don't come to my house and steal the vinyl. Then it'll be your ass."

That's probably no empty threat, either. Mike, from Agro-Wax, made it pretty clear to us that he's a self-proclaimed asshole. "The title [of the compilation] is kind of taking the piss out of No Way records' No Bullshit compilations which are hugely popular amongst the nouveau-sexy-hardcore-tweens. Just kidding, I'm just being an asshole."

The download features two songs -- one from each side of the record -- from bands that we don't get to see play often enough. From Side A is "Real Mexicans Drink Budlight" by Noguey and from Side B is "Unsatisfied" by Crime Wave.

Expect to see future releases from Crime Wave, Bloody Hammer, as well as a hip-hop instrumental CD from DJ Sex Panther. According to the Agro-Wax blog, none of the records will ever be repressed.


White Crime - "Feel It Hit"

Noguey - "Real Mexicans Drink Bud Light"

Fugitive Family - "Up To Me"


Crime Wave - "Unsatisfied"

Secret Prostitutes - "Hipnotis"

Guilt Party - "Suburban Avidity"

Download: Bullshit Vol. 1

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