Local Self-Described Rap Supergroup Admires... Nickelback?

Photo by Paul Knight

Young Problemz, a self-described "supergroup" of local rap talent, joined Mike Jones Monday evening at the Arena Theatre, and the group's "Boi" was one of the high points, if not the high point of the night.

The five Houston-bred performers - Chyco, Just-O, JM, J Yung and Star Struck - have talent. A lot. After a recent signing with Warner Bros/Asylum Records, the group seems to be at the breakthrough point.

"We went from no shows to opening up for Mike Jones," Star Struck said before Monday night's show.

"[Mike Jones] is out here doing his thing," Chyco said. "He's been where we want to go."

And where's that?

"Nickelback," Starstruck said. "Chad Kroeger is awesome."

"And Linkin Park," J Yung said.

Nickelback? Linkin Park? We're not sure what they mean, but on JM's MySpace page, he has a link to Nickelback's "Rock Star." We hope that doesn't mean that Young Problemz wants to drift into Nickelback-esque, watered-down sounds, because right now the group has an edge to its music that's refreshing.

Young Problemz didn't open Monday night's show, but came on stage with Mike Jones and crew after Jones performed a couple songs. The crowd responded accordingly.

"We were all the hardest-working, most talented guys from our other groups, so we decided to get together and do what makes senses," Chyco said. "Let's put all our heads together and make incredible music."

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