Scott Miller

Lomax’s Weekend Round-Up

Shows you shouldn’t miss until Monday…

Scott Miller

’s always been one of our faves. The Appalachian pop-rocker – former leader of the V-Roys -- sports songs that are as rocking as they are clever, and some of the funniest and most vicious ‘tween-song banter this side of Todd Snider. Miller opens for

James McMurtry

tonight at the Continental, the club that would seem to be his natural home here. (Oddly, Miller’s previous shows here have all been at Rudyard’s and the Mucky Duck.)

Tamar Davis

Elsewhere tonight, Prince protégé Tamar Davis performs with Tony Henry and Seven at Warehouse Live. The last time Davis played that same venue, the Purple One himself joined her onstage. I’m just sayin’…Alvin’s By the End of Tonight bring their sppoky, spacy post-everything jams to Walter’s…Over at Dan Electro’s, the Medicine Show will both unleash their debut CD and jettison their old band name. Henceforth, they will be known as the Sideshow Tramps. I’ll be there for the relaunch. What about you?

Freddy Krc

Saturday night brings

Freddy Krc

and his new washed-in-the-Nueces power pop combo the Freddie Steady 5 to Anderson Fair.


, the legendary LaPortian’s immaculate new album, lives up to its title – it sounds like what would have happened had Nick Lowe been brought up alongside Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers…. The younger set that is coming of age in and around the Continental Club showcases their wares at Warehouse Live Saturday, with the rawkousness of

Studio Magic Black

, the twangy Americana-rock of

Katie Stuckey & the Swagger


the Small Sounds


Alexis Moore

to boot…Hell-bent-for-hell hellions

the Flamin' Hellcats

blast their deranged vatobilly at the Cellar on Richmond in the Greenway area. Should be a hella good time…What do you get when you combine

500 Tons of Boogie


47 Miles of Barbed Wire

? Find out Saturday night at No Tsu Oh…And inimitable young troubadour

Hayes Carll

is at the Mucky Duck. If all goes well for Carll, this might be one of the last times we’ll be able to catch him in such intimate environs.

Conscious rap fans are in for a treat Sunday at the Proletariat’s Gutterfly Urban Legends show – Lifesavas and Strange Fruit Project invade from (respectively) Oregon and Waco and join forces with Seattle DJ Marc Sense and local crew the Low Ends. – John Nova Lomax

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