Lone Star Seeking Houston Bands For September Brewery Bash

Oh, Lone Star Beer, is there nothing you can't fix? Bad days at work, unfortunate romantic entanglements, days that end in the letter "y" - there is truly no task that you can't whisk away with three or ten bottles of your God-sent goodness. You do so much for the Inner-Loop hipster, what can we do for you?

What's that, you say? Help you promote the 2nd Annual Bash at the Brewery in San Antonio? Sure, why the hell not?

On September 25, Lone Steer Beer is throwing a festival on the grounds of their historic Alamo City brewery, and is looking for bands from Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin to play the show. There is only one slot open that afternoon, so all four cities' talent must fight it out during the preliminary and semifinal rounds.

Sunday, August 15, from 3-7 p.m. the Continental Club is hosting the Houston edition of the band battle. The event will be free, with plenty of Lone Star swag on offer.

In order to be in the running, submit your information to the Lone Star site so fans can vote for you to play the Continental show. One Houston band will be chosen to go to the semifinals to duke it out with the rest of the state's best to play the September Bash.

Be sure to turn in your submissions by Monday, August 2. Let's show the rest of Texas how Houston rolls.

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