Inquiring Minds

Lonesome Onry and Mean: Brian Wright's House on Fire

After a slow start for 2011 compared to the deluge of excellent records that fell upon Lonesome, Onry and Mean at the beginning of 2010, we've received some fine albums in March. Lucinda Williams, Shawn Phillips, the Hickoids, Candy Golde, and Ian Moore all have new material out and much of it hits hard and lasts. But perhaps the most intriguing album we've received so far in 2011 is Brian Wright's House On Fire.

A native Texan who's been in L.A. the last nine years, Wright's oeuvre is loose, wandering, soulful Americana covered in twang and jangle, a banjo here, horns there, the musical landscape evolving with each new track. The arrangements are Mensa smart and Wright's lyrics stick to your brain and heart like one of Aunt Jemima's pancakes sticks to your ribs.

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William Michael Smith