Lonesome Onry And Mean Plays "Spin The iPod" (Almost)

Facebook, that great time-waster, is always a source of mindless brain candy. Just a few moments ago, Lonesome, Onry and Mean was tagged in a note titled "15 Random iPod Songs."

The rules were fairly straightforward: Put your unit on "random" and list the first 15 songs that play. This sounded like a fun way to kill a few minutes.

Well, LOM doesn't have an iPod, but we assumed the "Play Favorites" gizmo on our Windows Media Player is essentially the same. So here's our list.

1. Sharon Shannon, "Go Tell The Devil"

2. Kim Richey, "Keys"

3. Kelly Willis, "Nobody Wants To Go To the Moon Anymore"

4. Hacienda, "I Keep Waiting"

5. Richard Thompson, "When the Spell Is Broken"

6. Mark Germino, "She's A Mystery"

7. Mike Stinson, "Slip My Mind"

8. Jesse Winchester, "Wear Me Out"

9. Chuck Prophet, "Til You Came Along"

10. Fred Eaglesmith, "Your Sister Cried"

11. Shelby Lynne, "Jesus On a Greyhound"

12. Charlie Terrell, "Hey Little Girl"

13. Jubal Lee Young, "Don't You Dare Love Her"

14. Rodney Crowell, "Stars On The Water"

15. Staple Singers, "Going Away"

LOM doesn't know how these "random favorites" programs function, but we find these lists fairly fascinating as a glimpse into our musical cerebrum.

So what's your random Top 15?

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