Lonesome Onry and Mean: Teresa Kolo at Under the Volcano

Smart, sassy, saucy, perky, full of energy and wit - that's local singer-songwriter Teresa Kolo. She's been sharpening up her game since reemerging on the local club scene last year with some gigs at Mucky Duck, Waldo's, Rudz and the like. Kolo has also been working up some new material - rumor has it that she has a song about Under the Volcano, where she'll be playing tonight - and she's also been working with accompanists to beef up her live sound. Known for her withering irony and caustic humor, Kolo never lets an insult, slight, or emotional injury pass without writing a song that skewers the perpetrator. On the other hand, she also has a wonderful way of reporting on love, friendship and relationships in a 21st-century urban milieu. Check out "Hubba Hubba" or "What She Needs" on her MySpace page. 8 p.m. tonight, Under the Volcano, 2349 Bissonnet, 713-526-5282 or www.myspace.com/underthevolcanobar.

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