Lonesome Onry and Mean: The Disturbing Ballad of Bob Woodruff, Part 3

In the first two installments of LOM's blog about vanished country music performer Bob Woodruff - see them here and here - we learned of his heroin addiction and the help he received in kicking the habit. We also learned how his career, which many thought would be huge, disintegrated like so many others have in the downward spiral of the industry and the record labels that once seemed so stable and secure. In our final installment, we learn what Woodruff is doing today and what he hopes his future holds. Lonesome Onry and Mean: You mentioned that since you've relocated to Los Angeles you've been trying to place songs in films. How's that working out? Bob Woodruff: So far I'm fortunate to have had the song "There's Something There" placed in a romantic comedy called Her Minor Thing. I also had the opportunity to write a couple songs that are now up on my MySpace site - "What Is Heaven" and "Where the Angels Know Your Name" - for Peter Jackson's next film, The Lovely Bones, which is based on a novel my friend Alice Sebold wrote. However, Jackson has decided to use music exclusively from the 1970's, the period in which the story takes place. I also wrote a song for Mark Pellington's last film, Henry Poole is Here, which is also on my site, but it didn't make the cut either unfortunately. But that's show biz. A couple of these songs were already written and just happened to fit the theme of the film or mood of the scene. Others were written more specifically for the movie. I enjoy writing for films and welcome the opportunity to do more of it. A writing assignment can be a fun and inspiring challenge and you can always bring something personal to a song even when you're writing within the parameters of a particular story or theme. LOM: What's in the future for you, your plans at the moment? BW: I'm lucky. I feel I've been given a second chance and my struggles have made me a lot more humble and grateful than I used to be. I plan to stay healthy and keep working on my demos of new songs. I believe I've got some tunes that are strong enough to possibly interest a record label, if there are any still around by the time they're done! However, I'm trying to keep the quality of the recordings high enough so if nobody bites I could release something independently. At the moment they are not as well-recorded or well-produced as I would like, but they'll be good enough to shop to a label/publisher and/or pitch for film and TV placements. I hope to have five or six new songs finished in a month or so. I also look forward to spending some time in Nashville this year to co-write and meet with some publishers and labels there.

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