Lonesome Onry and Mean: This Is Not (Really) a Best-Of-2009 List

Lonesome, Onry and Mean saw a great comment from Dave Alvin on Facebook recently that went something like this: "I do not do Best of lists or End of the Decade lists, the only lists I do are 'crap I have to do' lists."

We gladly second that, Dave, as there is nothing other than Christmas shopping that LOM would less rather do than make up a Best-of list. In fact, for the fourth year in a row we didn't submit our choices for either the Village Voice Pazz and Jop list or the Nashville Scene's annual Best of Country Music list. It's just too arbitrary and confusing, and to pretend that you've heard and understood and neatly classified all the music that is coming out is absurd on its very face.

Still, the editors scream for best-of lists at this time of year. [Ed note: Sue us. Lists are easy, and we need content.] So as far as we are concerned, what better way to end it than to do what we did last year: with a brief, very unscientific, very arbitrary list of the music LOM played the most in 2009.

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William Michael Smith