Look At This Now: The Niceguys' "Ari Gold (Remix)," Featuring Bun B

So good.

The song. The video. The idea. The levels. Bun's stoicism. Yves's bombast. Yves's during the chorus. YVES DURING THE CHORUS. 2:47 to 2:51. The intro. The outro. Basically everything between the intro and the outro.

So good.

Watch it. Then watch it again. Then watch it again. Then leave a comment here saying that "Ari Gold (Remix)" should've been higher. Fuck, leave a comment there saying that it should've had its own list. Leave a comment there saying that there should be a blog somewhere that only posts this video, and that it should do so eight times daily. Leave a comment there saying that you hope that when you get married and have a daughter, that she grows up, gets into a great university, calls you right before Christmas break of her junior year and says she'd like to bring someone home with her to meet you, then shows up with the "Ari Gold (Remix)."

So good.

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