Los Skarnales Play Rare Family-Friendly Set At Discovery Green

The first time Lonesome, Onry and Mean took our Significant Other to see Los Skarnales, a huge fight broke out and she ended up sliding across the floor on her behind until the back wall of the Continental Club stopped her progress.

Thursday evening at Discovery Green, it was hard to recognize our (and Houston's) favorite salty vatos rudos, as they played what can only be described as a family-friendly show. In fact, it was so friendly that midway through the set children began to join the band onstage to dance and whack on whatever percussion tools were handed them.

By the time the night ended, there were a dozen ninos onstage, and many in the crowd had left their picnic blankets and were front and center cheering the band and the kids on.

Skarnales' Nestor Aguilar noted that the group can "change it up, depending on the crowd."

"Tonight it was all families and these great kids. Who knows, next time it may be a bunch of rowdy skinheads. We just never know who's coming to the shows."

Frontman Felipe Galvan had injured his back on the job earlier in the day, so the usually frenetic vocalist known for his stage jumps appeared with a cane, although he had discarded it by the second song.

Series director Allen Hill was beaming as the band roared through the final number. When asked about all the kids jumping onstage, Hill noted, "Only in Houston, man."

"Anywhere else they'd have security to keep the kids off the stage, but our whole series is designed for families," he added. "Those kids having fun and getting to take part in this is what it's all about. You gotta love it."

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