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Lose Your Illusion: 5 Lowlights of the Tour That Tore Guns N' Roses Apart

On May 24, 1991, Guns N' Roses embarked on its Use Your Illusion Tour, a massive 192-date concert spectacular that took the band to every place on the planet with electricity.

The string of shows marked the very height of Guns' popularity, with more than seven million people in 27 countries plunking down money to see the world's biggest rock band. It was a wild, titanic, unpredictable trek matched by few in the annals of stadium rock, and the group played damn near every song they ever wrote (and a few they didn't).

It was also the beginning of the end -- at least for G N' R's classic incarnation. From almost the very start, the tour was marred by late start times, rioting, cancellations, drug abuse and outrageous behavior from a Mr. Axl Rose.

It all seemed deliciously decadent at the time. In reality, though, the band members were becoming so deeply isolated by fame, addiction and paranoia that a descent into complete dysfunction was inevitable.

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Nathan Smith
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