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Lotus Effect Drops Insane Music Video About the End of Creation

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Lotus Effect is one of those bands that every time I think they've disappeared they come screaming back to life with something absolutely out of this world. When you're discussing the music video they just released for the song "Totality", that sentiment is the literal truth.

It's arguably the most visually ambitious music video ever shot by a local Houston band, with special effects that rival many big budget efforts that you'd normally see on A-level artists. All that was done by singer Dre Gile over the course of an agonizing seven months.

"A lot of bands, when they want to go low budget, they'll just film a house party or something," said Giles in a brief interview over the phone. "We decided to film ourselves performing in front of a green screen and just see where our imagination took us."

If you ever wanted to know what the end of the world will look like as we view it from here in Houston, "Totality" has you covered. Starting from Big Bangs and ending with cosmic cataclysms the video is a endless parade of lightening-strewn skies and people going blind in the face of an unavoidable apocalypse. Lotus Effect was looking to show the concept of creation from beginning to end, whether you ascribe to a scientific view, a religious one, or something in between.

There's also something of an environmental message to "Totality".

"I've always been fascinated by the juxtaposition of technology and nature," said "Giles. "When you think about it, a skyscraper is really impressive, but it's also sort of like a cancer growing out of the Earth. We think we control nature, but time and time again it slaps us down."

Sharp-eyed watchers will notice a ton of Easter Eggs within the six-minute video. I was personally delighted to see the logo of the American Fangs spray-painted on a trash can in a brief shot. There are dozens of such touches, all lovingly crafted by Giles as he slaved over the video far into the night after every work day.

"Totality" shows off a brand-new dimension for one of Houston's finest progressive alt-metal acts, and we're looking forward to seeing more. Another video was shot at the same time as "Totality", but the intense amount of work that went into this one on a digital front has Giles scaling down a bit to preserve his sanity. We can expect his next offering by the end of next month, he says.

In the meantime, check out the frontrunner for best Houston music video of the year below.

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