Lotus Effect Reacts To HPMA Win Rather... Dramatically

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RO: Is there a better song to have playing in the background when you're getting drunk and tearing your apartment to bits because you found out your girlfriend gave a guy a handjob at The Drake last weekend than



? We proclaim not.

LE: That's pretty messed up, because my girlfriend did give a guy a handjob at The Drake last weekend. But I was tearing my apartment to shreds and ripping phone books in two listening to Celine Dion. You're probably right. I should have been playing "Mercucio."

RO: Why did you all pick the name "Lotus Effect"? We've spent the better part of two days trying to figure out how it ties to music, but I just can't do it. Leaves? Water? Buoyancy? Totally lost.

LE: Well, the lotus effect refers to the Lotus flower's inability to get wet. Water just rolls off of it. Also, when we were thinking of where we fit in the sea of music out there it just seemed appropriate because we kind of just do our own thing. We're a progressive band that's not a progressive band.

Lotus Effect, "Fireflies"

Lotus Effect, "Fireflies"

Our biggest thing was we wanted to make progressive music that was accessible to people who normally wouldn't listen to progressive music. We wanted to be the gateway band to Porcupine Tree. And I can't swim.

RO: When, where and for how much can someone in Houston see you perform live next?

LE: We will be playing with our idols, metal legends Katatonia (Sweden) along with Swallow the Sun (Finland) and Orphaned Land (Israel) October 2 at the Meridian. Tickets are $15 advance and they have some really cool VIP packages at myonstageevents.com. But we'll play your next house party for free, just give us a keg and a ride home.

RO: Anything else you all want to plug? Now's the time to do it.

LE: Yeah, give blood, people. It's the easiest way to save lives. I know most of yall's blood alcohol content will probably make giving blood toxic to the recipient but let the doctors be the judge of that. And we do have our new EP, Rabbits & Royalty, available now. You can find it online or swing by Cactus Records. And we love us some hugs so remember that the next time you see us.

See Lotus Effect online here.

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