Louis XIV T-Shirts for Sale. Cheap.

Some years back, Michael Haaga played a bill with Hot Hot Heat and Louis XIV at the Engine Room. Haaga thought that Louis XIV, a then-buzzed about band, was pretty good.

“I liked what I heard from them at the sound check,” he remembers. And backstage, Haaga told them so, and in his remembering most of the guys in the band and entourage were pretty cool and gracious about it. Not so singer Jason Hill.

“I went up and said ‘Hey, y’all sounded pretty good out there,’” Haaga remembers. “I was just doing the friendly backstage musician ritual. And I know he heard me, but he just said ‘Mmkay, thanks, bye.’”

Which is why taking the photograph after the jump was so gratifying to Haaga:

Concert tee sale rack at a Heights-area Fiesta

Well, they might get the last laugh after all. Hill and the Louis XIV crew return to town Sept. 15, opening for the Killers at Reliant Arena. But who knows? Maybe Haaga will get to take a pic of those concert tees at Fiesta a few years from now. – John Nova Lomax

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