Lovable Children's-Music Performer Totally Eats It

Rocks Off watches a lot of lovable children's characters singing endless cheerful songs about the basic virtues that make up the best of humanity. And not because we smoke a bowl each day, it's to appease our 10-month-old empress. And most of the time, programs like Yo Gabba Gabba are actually fun and fairly cool. But you can only watch so much of it before you really, really want to care and share a gun to your head.

Until now, we would just cure this feeling by walking over to the computer and watching the uncensored version of the "Carving the Giant" video by Gorgoroth. Naked chicks, fire, and crucifixions will fix most things.

Now we just watch this video of Vinnie Violin from Australian kids phenomenon Hello Music Land falling off the stage over and over and over again.


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