Love Love Love Fest: The Missed Connections of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014

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This year Fun Fun Fun Fest had an official Make-Out Spot (you can find it on the festival map). While I never actually saw it with my own two eyes, I'm sure that at least a few people used it if it was there; who among us hasn't seen a couple awkwardly making out at a rock show?

Of course, to make out you need a make-out partner, and not everyone is lucky enough to have a +1 in their life. That doesn't mean that they can't find love at a festival; while some of us go to these things to eat our weight in Twinkies (present company included) and hear some good bands, history shows that when music is in the air, love usually is as well.

Like we did last year, we're here to do the Lord's work and help some of the fine folks of Fun Fun Fun Fest connect with their missed connections. Was there someone you met at the fest you think is looking for you? Maybe they are.

Making Eyes at you, Angel Olsen! - m4w (Parish, Austin TX)

Curly haired boy with a hat turned upwards in the crowd at Parish for your show on saturday night. Our eyes connected in a magical way!

I assume that Angel Olsen was probably too busy playing a show to notice, but then again maybe she's a great multitasker. Also, mention that hat or mention your hair but don't mention both. That's just silly.

FFF fest - bacon bloodys and no names - w4m (Austin)


I met you yesterday at Wanderlust then we wandered to FFF together. We promised each other no names, then I lost you outside of the American Spirit tent. It felt like we were just getting started. Plus you have a video of me riding the bull.


But wasn't the purpose of not sharing names to create an experience that only lasted for a certain moment in time? Doesn't this Missed Connection betray that entire idea? And why didn't you get him to Airdrop that video to you when he took it?

Modern dating is so complicated.

FFF Fest/ We shared a cab to Empire Control Room & Garage - w4m

Soo, I believe your name was Eddy? (Like I said, I'm terrible at remembering people's names) I was going to see Wildcat! Wildcat! and you were going somewhere else to meet a friend of yours but I forgot the name of the bar and I didn't ask for your number so I never showed up. Anyway, I don't think you'll ever see this but I had a great time and I do hope we can meet again some time. Let me know if you see this, okay? Okay.

Deciding when to give out your number is tough. Give it out too soon and it can be awkward. Wait too long and you may not get the chance. Finding that sweet spot isn't easy. But hey, all our phones have notepads, so really, writing down the name of a bar shouldn't be that hard.

funfunfun, bomber jacket girl, and black/white sweater friend - m4w

Zero chance you or anybody you know would be checking cl and recognize its referring to you from this post... Left side, next to press, before yo la tengo. You with friend, you taller, 5'7-8ish. Me yellow shirt, just behind you, too shy/drunk to know what to say, texting friend to try to have them suggest how to approach you... You left (to look for friend?) before I could converse at all. Tell me first name of friend you were texting to confirm its you (sorry to spy over your shoulder)

Never be a pessimist when writing a Missed Connection. What if said person loves reading Craigslist and hates pessimism? Now you've just made that person sad. Don't make her sad. And don't ask her to identify herself with something that makes you sound like a creeper. (You know damn well you aren't sorry for spying.)

cute boy at girl talk - w4m - 23 (fun fun fun fest)

green jacket, skater hat, 5'9. One of your friends lost the lens to her glasses. You stood next to me at girl talk and didn't make a move. I thought we made a connection and would love to meet up if you're still in austin.

The man in question must have been something special to distract from the chaos that is a Girl Talk show. I hope he reads this.

Short green hair in Deafheaven crowd - m4w - 20 (Black stage FFF)

I stood next to you a bit back from the pit for most of Deafheaven's set. I had on an APF trucker hat and a Mogwai shirt, tucked in. You had a jacket draped over your left arm, and one of those white metallic water bottles hanging from a belt loop. We made eye contact a few times. I wanted to say something but when the Deafheaven set ended I lost track of you in the surge of people towards the Blue stage.

I'd love to talk sometime, and to get to know you. You look familiar- like you also go to UT and we've crossed paths on campus.

"I wanted to say something, but Deafheaven was so fucking loud you wouldn't have heard me." Just wanted to fix that for the poster.

Story continues on the next page.

Cyndey - Modest Mouse - m4w

Stood together in second row during the show. Talked about Boyhood & California.

A man of few words yet manages to get his entire point across. We approve. Cyndey, get in touch with him.

Older in black at the Judas Priest show - m4w (Austin)

I was standing next to you in a Slipknot shirt and you were next to me sharing the viewable space. We discussed it prior to the show starting and you had a dude rubbing all over you that night. I wanted you bad and think you wanted me. Let me know if your out there and your eye color.

Slipknot shirt. Wrong "your." Not beating around the bush about his desires. Well...best of luck to you, sir.

Wouldn't it be wild if the guy doing the rubbing was the one who responded? I think we've got the plot to a corny DTV horror film on our hands.

Dominican Joe's/Glasses-Purple Shirt-Black Skirt-Cheetah Shoes - m4w (South Austin - Congress & Riverside)

First of all, I promise I am not a creep. Maybe a touch on the weird side but in a good way like Austin...I think. I felt like there was a ton of great eye contact this morning and after I held the door for you on our exit, I was sooo close to asking your name and more about you. The ONLY reason I didn't was because I rented my apartment out over FunFunFun and I camped at Perdenales and Mckinney Falls for 4 days. My hygiene was probably not up to par to approach such a beautiful young woman... I doubt you will ever see this but I will ask you out face to face next time for sure. I have a few friends that are female in the area and they always tell me that girls never get asked out face to face. Your long dark hair was amazing! I was wearing a white tee (that i slept in) and shorts and a full sleeve of tattoos on one arm.

Here is to the magic of the internet!

So this isn't a FFF Fest Missed Connection exactly, but the Fest did play a part, so it makes the blog. "I promise I am not a creep" is probably not the best start, because now the question is, "Why would I assume you're a creep?" I mean, this is the rare time when the excuse given for not introducing yourself sounds solid.

Plus, now we know you AirBnb and like to camp. That is exciting knowledge. In the future, don't use the word "creep." Don't plant that seed. And don't write that corny bit about asking out someone face to face. This is the Internet. You've already spoiled the surprise.


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