Love Songs For The Romantically Challenged

The original idea for this hlist was going to be Craig's Hlist rattling off ten female artists with whom we want to be intimate (read: sleep with). Blah blah blah, tall hair and boobs, we get it. That all seemed like old hat and wholly expected, considering we all know that it would have to include Katy Perry, Ginger Spice, Shirley Manson, and more than likely Grace Potter who we discovered this morning. Because, damn.


This year Valentine's Day falls on Monday, arguably the most unromantic day of the week. People get laid on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday if they are lucky. Monday is only "industry night" for the marrieds and the domestic people. They get all the fun on Mondays, but get to contend with sweat pants and chili-crusted T-shirts.


What CHL did was come up with ten of his favorite songs that include the word "love" in the title, and exemplify to him in their lyrics and music the best and worst things about that universal emotion that can lift you up or knock you down.

These aren't necessarily traditional love songs, but they have made it onto our mix discs just the same. And no, CHL won't tell you why or for whom. Also, this is the debut of CHL's new toy, Rdio playlists. Hopefully this is a little easier to use and more interactive than a simple YouTube embed. Enjoy.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.